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Solar Photovoltaic Module

Raaj Solar is one of the leading Solar Panel Manufacturers in Ahmedabad with dedicated 45MW automated plant that produces high-performance PV modules with a very strong customer base PAN India. We offer Non-DCR & DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) Multi-Crystalline PV Modules from 15Wp to 335Wp and Mono- PERC up to 545Wp as per MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) approved guidelines, proudly imbibing the spirit of Make in India.

Our PV modules are accredited by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) which ensuresefficiency, quality and reliability. Our modules have 10 years of workmanship warranty and 25 years of linear power output warranty which makes it a worthy investment. We strictly adhere to a 100% test performance and EL (electroluminescence) inspection to ensure standard and defect-free modules accordingly. PID, IR (wet leakage current), Ground Bond and Hipot tests are also performed on our modules to determine a good standard.

325Wp to 335 Wp
440Wp to 550Wp
ModelCellsVoltage/ WattageModule Size [ + 1mm ]Vmax (V)Imax (A)Voc (V)Isc (A)Module Effciency (%)
R325P7224V / 325Wp1986 x 1001 x 35mm38.168.5246.208.9016.75
R330P7224V / 330Wp1986 x 1001 x 35mm38.168.6546.209.0417.00
R335P7224V / 335Wp1986 x 1001 x 35mm38.168.7846.209.1817.25
ModelCellsVoltage/ WattageModule Size [ + 1mm ]Vmax (V)Imax (A)Voc (V)Isc (A)Module Effciency (%)
R440M14424V / 440Wp2096x 1040x 35mm40.8310.7948.9811.3620.18
R445M14424V / 445Wp2096x 1040x 35mm41.0610.8549.1511.4220.41
R450M14424V / 450Wp2096x 1040x 35mm41.2810.9149.3111.4920.64
R540M14424V / 540Wp2279x 1134 x 35mm41.9612.7849.4213.3520.89
R545M14424V / 545Wp2279x 1134x 35mm42.2312.8749.713.4521.09
R550M14424V / 550Wp2279x 1134x 35mm42.5512.9349.8213.5121.28

ModelCellsVoltage/ WattageModule Size [ + 1mm ]Vmax (V)Imax (A)Voc (V)Isc (A)Module Effciency (%)
R025P3612V / 20Wp396 x 671 x 35mm19.081.3223.101.389.41
R040P3612V / 40Wp496 x 671 x 35mm19.082.1023.102.1912.02
R050P3612V / 50Wp556 x 671 x 35mm19.082.6323.102.7513.40
R075P3612V / 75Wp776 x 671 x 35mm19.083.9423.104.1214.40
R100P3612V / 100Wp1106 x 671 x 35mm19.085.2523.105.4913.47
R160P3612V / 160Wp1496 x 671 x 35mm19.088.3923.108.7715.94
R260P6020V / 260Wp1640 x 990 x 35mm31.808.1838.508.5516.00
R265P6020V / 265Wp1640 x 990 x 35mm31.808.3438.508.7216.32
R320P7224V / 320Wp1960 x 990 x 35mm38.168.3946.208.7716.50
R325P7224V / 325Wp1960 x 990 x 35mm38.168.5246.208.9016.75
R330P7224V / 330Wp1960 x 990 x 35mm38.168.6546.209.0417.00
R335P7224V / 335Wp1960 x 990 x 35mm38.168.7846.209.1817.25

ModelCellsVoltage/ WattageModule Size [ + 1mm ]Vmax (V)Imax (A)Voc (V)Isc (A)Module Effciency (%)
R385P7224V / 385Wp1986 x 990 x 35mm40.329.5548.259.9919.39
R390P7224V / 390Wp1986 x 990 x 35mm40.689.5948.9610.0219.64

Key Features

5 busbar solar cell design

Positive power tolerance up to +5W

Excellent low-light performance

Anti-Reflective Coated glass to reduce power loss

PID ( Potential Induced Degradation) free material

Mechanical Load 2400Pa

Application Class: A, Safety Class Ⅱ, Fire Safety Class C

Anodized Aluminium with corner Lock Type

ON-TIME delivery

IP 68 Junction Box